A  Crosstrainers 3 1 6 Inc. Company

A Crosstrainers 3 1 6 Inc. Company



 September 2nd.

(Pre-Grand Opening Discounts are available. HUGE SAVINGS! call 850-405-2290 for details)



Do you want to get Great Results? Lose Weight? Feel Better? and Have More Energy?

Then contact Fitology 101 Inc. today!  We will be your first and last choice for innovative and effective Personal Fitness Training.

We develop programs that do not waste a minute of your time or money.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or improve performance, our super efficient programs are designed get the best results.

Motivation  We won't be just sitting there watching you.  Fitology 101 (B.T.E.) trainers are interactive, upbeat and motivating.

Guidance  We'll take you step by step through each and every workout.

Instruction  We will teach you how to do each exercise safely and effectively, we will constantly monitor your posture and execution to ensure you are performing the exercise correctly.

Accountability  We will be the motivators to get you up off the couch.  We are that extra nudge you need to get in gear.

Nutritional Support  We are here to help keep you aware of the foods that can sabotage your goals and the ones that will get you there faster.

Fun Workouts  We want you to look forward to your workouts.  Because of that we do everything that we can to make each workout a fun and enjoyable experience.  Don't get me wrong here you ARE going to work, I'm just saying you will enjoy it.

Attention  We are right there with you through every step of your journey.  We know when we can push you and we also pay attention to when it's time to back off.  Each and every workout is personalized for your current needs.